Case Studies

IRIS detects hidden defects in vertical heat exchanger

TesTex NDT Ltd carried out an Eddy Current Test (ECT) on a vertical heat exchanger at a Fertilizer plant. The unit tube bundle was manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 & therefore the preferred technique for this type of exchanger was ECT.  No in-service failures or issues had been reported to TesTex prior to the inspection […]

Hole in storage tank discovered through thick scale with Falcon 2000 Floor Scanner

TesTex NDT Ltd. were tasked to conduct an Out of Service NDT inspection of an above ground, flat bottomed storage tank, the internal floor plate surfaces had not been shot blasted / prepared to SA-2 standard and were covered with a medium to heavy scale. The TesTex Falcon 2000. Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) Floor […]

API 570 Pipeline Inspection – Case Study

TesTex UK conducted an API 570 pipeline inspection at a UK tank farm. The condition of the pipeline was generally good with some remedial action recommended such as shims for supports, new supports, painting and replacing of fasteners. An unusual defect was located however where something as benign as a plastic flow direction label had […]

Corrosion & Thermal Fatigue Cracking Detected in Boiler Tubes With Hawkeye

The Problem: A power plant in New Jersey experienced a failure in a slag screen tube in one of their boilers.  Following the rupture, the “S” shaped tube was removed and analyzed.  The results of the metallurgical analysis identified corrosion fatigue cracking and thermal fatigue cracking as the reasons for the rupture.  The corrosion fatigue […]

Corrosion Detected in Pipelines using LFET

The Problem: A former refinery site in Illinois is currently in the process of reclaiming the polluted land on which it sits. A major component to the reclamation of this brownfield site is the pumping of groundwater underneath the former refinery. The water is then treated to remove the contaminants. This also lowers the water […]

Inspection of a Vessel Containing Corrosive Material

Problem: A major chemical company in Virginia needed an on-stream inspection of a vessel to determine its reliability. The product in the vessel is highly corrosive to the material of the vessel, so it is lined with a Teflon coating. Due to a faulty pump leaking product onto the vessel numerous times, the surface was […]

Furnace Tubing in Reducing Gas Furnace

Problem: A mining company in Venezuela was experiencing localized wall loss on the inner diameter (ID) of their furnace tubing in the Reducing Gas Furnace.  Attempts to use A-Scan Ultrasonics proved inconclusive as insufficient back wall signatures were observed.  The company had been replacing furnace tubing at scheduled periods to avoid in-service failures while continuing […]

Line Cat Used in Alaska Pipeline Inspection

Problem: A large petroleum producer in Alaska was forced to shut down a 34” diameter crude transit pipeline in August 2006, due to a leak in the line. The leak, found at the six o’clock position, was caused by MIC attack. The company wanted to test the line using a pig, but with the uncertainty […]

Scanning 2200 Oil & Gas Above Ground Storage Tanks

Problem: A major Oil and Gas Company, with oil and gas well sites located in the Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma, was experiencing problems with their above ground storage tanks due to heavy production and sour crude. Most of the tanks were found to have internal corrosion within the lower 8” of the tank shell. […]

TesTex LFET Inspection vs. B&W EMAT Inspection

Problem: A power plant located in Texas was experiencing numerous problems in their #3 Boiler. The furnace of the #3 Boiler is comprised of approximately 24,000 linear feet of 2.5” OD, 0.203″ and 0.300”; nominal wall thickness smooth bore carbon steel water wall tubing. The unit was experiencing tube failures due to I.D. pitting, corrosion cells, […]

Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection of Above Ground Tank

Problem: A large Chemical plant in Kentucky that produces synthetic compounds was suspecting wall loss in a vertical process tank. Areas of pitting and uneven surfaces were visually observed at a distance during scheduled outages, but due to accessibility, no quantitative data could be obtained. The engineers at this facility needed to know if this […]

Boiler Generating Bank Inspection – Pitting Detected Using RFET

Problem: A large chemical plant in Eastern Tennessee was experiencing a number of tube leaks in one of their boiler generating banks. The cause for the failures consisted of two specific flaw mechanisms revealed through destructive tube samples, which are listed below: ID pitting as small as 3/16” diameter occurring between the mud drum tubesheet […]

Horizontal Reheater Tube Leak Detected with Low Profile Scanner

Problem: A large utility plant in Western Pennsylvania, with three identical boilers, experienced a tube leak in one of Unit #3’s horizontal reheater pendants. The cause for the failure was oxidation pitting due to out of service corrosion. Destructive samples showed ID pitting as small as 3/16” diameter occurring on the bottom half of the […]

Hawkeye-2000 vs Magnetic Particle & Dye Penetrant Methods

Problem: A major Pulp and Paper Mill in the Southern Michigan area needed a Deaerator Tank inspected during their summer outage per insurance company requirements. Because of manpower and budget constraints, the mill sought to avoid the grit blast surface preparation that was necessary for Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspections. The customer’s goal was […]

Ultra High-Speed Eddy Current Condenser Tube Inspection

Problem: A large utility in the Southeast United States was experiencing a high rate of tube leaks in one of their main condenser units. The unit was repeatedly forced offline due to these leaks and other related boiler problems. Locations of the leaks were sporadic and could not be isolated to any given area. The […]

Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Inspection Using RFET

Problem: A major chemical plant in Western Pennsylvania asked TesTex to perform a partial inspection (50 percent) of the 324 tubes in one of their heat exchangers on a scheduled plant shut-down. TesTex and the plant contact agreed on an “every other tube” test pattern. The exchanger consisted of 1.0″ O.D. 0.065″ wall carbon steel […]

Boiler Feedwater System Pinholes Found with Eddy Current

Problem: A large utility in the Northeast United States was experiencing water in-leakage in their boiler feedwater system due to pinholes in their Stainless Steel condenser tubes. It was determined that these pinholes were located underneath deposits in the tubes, thus making the leak undetectable by off line hydro or dye testing until the deposit […]

TesTex Falcon 2000 Mark II Tank Floor Inspection System

Problem: A large well known oil refinery in the United Kingdom gave TesTex the opportunity to show our ability to inspect the floor of an Above Ground Storage Tank in comparison to the spot check U.T. in use by the refinery. The TesTex Falcon 2000 Mark II Digital Tank Floor Inspection System operates on the […]

Hawkeye Crack Detection

Problem: A prominent, high volume manufacturing company in Montana was experiencing generating bank tube failures due to cracking in one area of their Riley Stoker Hog Fuel boiler. This unit had been operating under increased steam production, causing low steam drum water levels therefore affecting the upper portion of the tubes. After submitting a failed […]

Papermill in Virginia Uses Eagle 2000 RFET System

Problem: A prominent, high volume paper mill in Virginia was experiencing generating bank tube failures believed to be due to soot blower erosion. This boiler was the plants main steam generator and was critical for the plant to run at capacity. External tube inspections such as spot U.T. were not viable options due to the […]