More Than Just Tank Inspections

We are experts in a full range of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques

Our testing and inspection covers assets including; tanks, pipelines, pipeworks, boilers, stack columns, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and condensers. We can provide these services as we deploy many different technologies and techniques depending on the material, fault and environment.

Ultrasonics (UT)

Ideal for measuring the thickness of materials, Ultrasonic Testing can be used during inspections of almost any asset.

Pulsed Eddy Current (PECT)

A high performance solution using Pulsed Eddy Current that offers a vastly improved scan resolution, multiple readings across the surface and is able to scan through insulation without the need to remove it.

Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)

IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System) is an ultrasonic technique used to inspect heat exchanger tubes from the internal diameter.

Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique (RFET)

An Eddy Current-based technique used on ferrous tube materials and an alternative to IRIS inspection with less cleaning required.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

A technique used for detecting surface breaking and slightly subsurface defects in ferromagnetic materials such as welds.

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

Eddy Current Technique powers many of our systems and is used for various types of inspection.

A Bit More About Us

Not all NDT companies are the same.

We have all the latest technologies at our disposal, but at the heart of our success is our approach, our people and our experience.

We get the job done right first time by fully understanding your need, in accordance with current standards.  We also provide pragmatic recommendations that ensure the compliance, safety and performance of your assets.

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