Leading on from the Engineers workshops, the Engineers Forum aims to adopt a broad dialogue with relevant Engineers to share best practice, improve site safety and solve engineering problems.

The key objectives are to;

  • Share knowledge and discuss the benefits of good integrity planning
  • Share any industry best practice and legislative requirements – Safety and Plant
  • Look at specific or unique challenges relating to industry or plant
  • Keep up to date with any technological advances
  • Store and retrieve useful information – Such as the notes from the breakfast meetings

Who can join? 

If you are an Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Asset Integrity Manager, Plant Manager, Integrity Manger.

Working within the following industries/sectors;

  • COMAH Site
  • Chemical Processing Plant
  • Bulk Storage Terminals
  • Refineries
  • Upstream Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Power Stations
  • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plant
  • Hospitals
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Bio Plants

The forum is private so you must request access through this link and wait for approval from the forum administrator before gaining access.

If you’ve already registered, please login here.