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Over the past few months our UK Tube Inspections Department have been extremely busy, so much so, we decided to compile a list of facts and statistics to demonstrate the work we’ve done…

  • Our technicians have inspected in excess of 25,000 tubes
  • Over 209 units – 158 Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, 49 FinFan Air Coolers and a couple of boilers for good measure
  • Approximately 94 miles of tubes were inspected
  • We used over 22 Inspection Systems including IRIS, Eddy Current, Remote Field, Magnetic Wave and RVI video probes.
  • We used up to 20 trained  and competent technicians plus 4 supervisors and at our peak, we had 20 staff on various sites carrying out heat exchanger inspections.
  • Tube materials inspected included, Admiralty Brass, Aluminium Brass, Carbon Steel, Chrome Molybdenum, Copper Nickle, Duplex, Hastalloy, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Tantalum and Titanium, with over 35 different and unique calibration tubes.
  • Locations included Oil Refineries, Power Stations, Chemical Plants and Offshore Installations
  • 209 individual reports which in most cases were delivered the next day

Here at TesTex we manufacture our own equipment including, Internal Rotary Inspection Service (IRIS), Eddy Current Testing (ECT) and Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique (RFET)

This means we have the necessary test equipment available for large jobs, with each inspection team supplied with sufficient back-up equipment to keep the work going come rain or shine!

We also manufacture all of our probes and calibration standards, so we can respond to emergency needs better than any other heat exchanger inspection company in the UK.

If you have an upcoming Shutdown and you need a company you can rely on, please contact us to discuss your requirements. At TesTex the facts really do speak for themselves.

Danny Reed, Tube Division Manager

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