API 570 Pipeline Inspection

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Pipeline Inspection

For your pipeline inspection needs we offer a variety of options, including full API 570 inspection suitable for providing proof of inspection to a demonstrable standard, such as required by many regulatory bodies. We also offer many other pipeline services including:

  • API 570 Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Surveys
  • Visual inspection
  • Weld inspection using Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant & Eddy Current Techniques
  • Corrosion Under Insulation Inspection without the need to remove insulation
  • Pipeline Drawing – Isometric / CAD / P&ID’s

Corrosion Under Insulation System

Our video above shows an early design of the system we use to detect corrosion under insulation. Initially as indicated in the video, the system was only designed to detect welds through insulation, but we quickly discovered via false positives in the field, that it was highly adept at detecting corrosion occurring under the insulation. Since then we have developed the system further and now it mainly used for CUI inspection without the need for removing any of your insulation. Once areas have been identified, those section of insulation can be removed for further inspection visually and via ultrasonics. This saves you time & money when it comes to inspecting insulated lines.

What’s Involved

For a general inspection we would usually recommend API 570, the standard for pipeline inspection globally, which includes at it’s core:

  • A full ultrasonic thickness survey
  • Visual inspection and notes on every spool & accessory
  • Repair recommendations
  • Corrosion rates and remaining life calculations
  • CAD drawings of your lines with easy referencing, essential for larger lines

Our experience is second to none, delivering on large multi-site projects requiring extensive planning, manpower, durations and logistical flexibility.

We are also praised highly for our reporting, which we invite you to take a look at via a site meeting.

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