Condenser Inspection

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Condenser Inspection

We have a highly experienced tube division with great technology available for complete condenser tube inspection that will get your plant back online quicker.

We have many different tube techniques available to use, usually using Eddy Current Technique (ECT) for non-ferrous tubes.

Eddy Current Technique has the great advantages of being extremely fast, and requiring minimal tube cleaning compared to techniques such as IRIS.

Rapid Tube Inspection Technologies

We have developed two systems that allow us to perform condenser shutdowns much more rapidly, due to automated pushing & pulling of the probe through the tube using compressed air and robotics. These systems are advantageous when inspecting units with large numbers of tubes, allowing you to get your plant back online quicker.

Why perform 100% Tube Inspection?

One of the greatest advantages of this service is the detailed full color tubesheet map that is provided immediately after completion of tube testing and while on-site. This allows for immediate plugging for a quick return to service with increased reliability. This map also immediately highlights problem areas that need attention. Some causes of these problem areas include ammonia grooving, steam erosion, steam impingement, inlet end erosion, concentrated areas of internal pitting, steam pit erosion in titanium tubing, under deposit crevice corrosion, etc.

Because of this technology, 100% inspections can be performed on a condenser with tens of thousands of tubes within a few days. This system is designed for use on very large condensers and heat exchangers but can also be used to inspect smaller tube quantities in emergency situations when a prompt return to service is critical.

TesTex introduced this service in late 2000. This service is proving to be of great value to the power generation sector. For example, on a condenser with 10,000 tubes, we can complete a 100% inspection in (2) days with two stations running on day shifts. This service is being very well received because of reduced shutdown times and the acceptance of the damage a leaking condenser can cause to other plant equipment (for example, Corrosion Cells and Hydrogen Damage in the Boiler

When percentage inspections are all that is required by clients, TesTex also provides manual Eddy Current testing using our TesTex TX-4400 four frequency ECT System. This is a fully digital system. Once again, TesTex will always have at least one Level II ET inspector on site during the inspection and the data analysis will be done while on site. In addition to the Eddy Current inspections, TesTex also offers IRIS Ultrasonic Inspections and Video Borescoping Services for condensers.

Tube Cleaning, Cut Out & Plugging

TesTex can also provide tube cleaning and tube cut-out and plugging services when requested by a client.

  • Find the trouble tubes before they find you. This system will very quickly detect and quantify flaws in tubing made of brass, copper-nickel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, AL6XN, Aluminum Brass, etc.
  • Find tubes with holes/leaks that don’t show up on hydro checks due to clogging and thermal expansion issues.
  • Reduce/eliminate back pressure due to in-leakage and increase megawattage of the overall system.
  • Know exactly what condition the condenser tubes are in so that you can forecast condenser tube remaining life, tube replacement, shield installations, etc.
  • Justify a tube replacement by performing a full or random tube inspection.
  • Eliminate the possibility of condenser tube leaks when electricity demand is high.
  • Reduce/eliminate cost for additional water treatment chemicals, polishers, and make-up water.
  • Reduce damage to other plant equipment (for example, Corrosion Cells and Hydrogen Damage in the Boiler) that can stem from leaking condenser tubes.
  • Increase reliability.

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