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Heat Recovery Steam Generator Inspection

We have a highly experienced tube division with multiple technologies designed to meet your tube inspection needs.

  • IRIS Ultrasonic Tube Inspection
  • Eddy Current (ECT) Tube Inspection
  • Remote Field (RFET) Tube Inspection
  • MagWave Tube Inspection

Between the above techniques we’re able to inspect both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubing.

IRIS provides a great technique for high sensitivity, precision tube thicknesses, however requires very clean tubes, and is much slower than Eddy Current Techniques. This can be used on ferromagnetic tubing such as Carbon Steel.

Eddy Current is a very fast technique that doesn’t require as much tube cleaning, however the accuracy isn’t as great as IRIS. This is ideal for non-ferromagnetic tubing.

Remote field is an alternative to using IRIS on ferromagnetic tubing, it’s based on ECT so has the same advantages of speed and less intense tube cleaning.

Case Study: From the Field

May 2004 A chemical plant in the UK were having problems cleaning & testing the tubes of small condenser units.

TesTex were on site to perform IRIS inspection but due to the inadequate cleanliness of the tubes (a common problem), the IRIS technique was ineffective. It was suggested to the client that Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique (RFET) was performed on the tubes. The unit consisted of 466 x 1” c/s tubes. In one day TesTex completed the inspection of 316 tubes (68% inspection).

The majority of the tubes tested showed very little evidence of pitting or general wall losses, however, a number of tubes displayed signs of severe wall loss at two of the baffle area’s.

23 tubes tested showed wall losses greater than 31%. The ‘worst’ tube showed 51-60% wall loss (based on the nominal wall thickness of 0.140”) After the work was completed, one of the tubes was pulled for visual examination. This confirmed the wall losses reported by our technicians, as such TesTex inspected the remaining 150 tubes the following week and reported wall losses greater than 31% on a further 32 tubes.

Conclusions: TesTex can provide RFET, IRIS, Eddy Current, Mag Wave Eddy Current and Remote Visual services for the inspection of heat exchanger tubing. Having the ability to adapt to different circumstances, even whilst on site, is one of the many advantages of our ‘multi technique’ approach. The client was particularly pleased as we now inspecting identical units without the need of HP jetting; saving critical downtime and obvious costs.

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