Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing

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Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) is a variation of eddy current technology, which utilises ultra low frequencies, in the 5-10Hz range.

LFET is used in several pieces of our technology, including our LFET Tank floor scanner, Falcon Hand Scanner, and pipe scanner.

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing Graph

LFET Floor Scanner

Our LFET floor scanner is a rapid reliable way of scanning tank floors for pitting and general corrosion. The floor scanner can differentiate between top and bottom side defects, and capable of scanning through liners and coatings. The system requires minimal surface prep, and is proved up using standard ultrasonics.

Falcon Hand Scanner & Pipe Scanner

The hand scanner and pipe scanner are both hand powered tools that rapidly screen for corrosion within plates, and pipes respectively. Scanners will pick up bottom side defects through up to 25mm of material, and will penetrate through non-magnetic coatings. We use this technology for pipelines, storage tanks, columns, vessels, boilers, bridge and more.

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