Pressure Vessel Inspection

To ensure the safe use of pressure vessels, effective inspection and maintenance regimes are required. Planned NDT testing eliminates the need for down-time due to pressure vessels being taken out of service for visual checks.

A Range of Pressure Vessel Inspection Options

We have multiple solutions for the inspection of pressure vessels including:

  • API 510 Inspection
  • Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique Corrosion Scanning
  • Eddy Current Crack Detection
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Surveys / Corrosion Mapping
  • Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant & PAUT Weld Inspection
  • Full Visual Examination
  • Corrosion Under Insulation Scanning
  • Written Schemes of Examination (WSE)
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

We have extensive experience in scanning pressure vessels using various combinations of these methods, depending on the goals of the inspection.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

Comprehensive Reporting

You will receive a comprehensive inspectors report detailing results and the findings of the inspection. The standard of our reports is just one of the things that makes us stand out in the industry.

If you would like to discuss your pressure vessel inspection project, would like to see a sample report, or to arrange an initial no-obligation meeting, call us on 01469 541 586 or complete our contact form below: