Pulsed Eddy Current Technology (PECT) 

Pulse Eddy Current Technology (PECT) is a high performance solution using pulsed eddy current. We have invested in the very latest PECT to offer improved testing of corrosion in lagged pipelines and vessels.

The Benefits of PECT

The benefit of using PECT is that you do not have to remove the insulation to take readings saving time, money and effort.

This technology is a major improvement over previous PECT methods. The re-invented system has advanced not only in terms of inspection speed but also in defect detection size.

  • Faster inspection time
  • Wider coverage
  • No need to remove the insulation
  • Locate weld locations whilst insulation is in place
  • In-service Inspection
  • Scan through up to 250mm of insulation
  • Scan through aluminium, stainless and galvanised sheeting
  • Repeatable and reliable results
  • Easier analysis thanks to simpler scan patterns
  • High speed testing at high insulation/ lift-off distance
  • Advanced wall thickness sizing compensation for greater defect sizing capabilities

Where Can PECT Be Applied?

  • Original intention: CUI (vessels and piping)
  • Corrosion under fire proofing of supporting legs of storage spheres
  • Inspection of column skirts
  • Flow accelerated corrosion (power plants)
  • Splash zone of offshore structures, jetties and risers
  • Storage tank annular rings
  • Sheet piling (port structures, jetties)
  • Inspection through marine growth
  • High-temperature wall thickness monitoring
  • Inspection of ship hulls

Comprehensive Reporting

You will receive a comprehensive inspectors report detailing results and the findings of the inspection. The standard of our reports is just one of the things that makes us stand out in the industry.

If you would like to discuss your NDT inspection project, would like to see a sample report, or to arrange an initial no-obligation meeting, call us on 01469 541 586 or complete our contact form below: