TesTex Fusion Scanner

TesTex has fused two of our most innovative technologies into a single scanner. Our Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique (BFET) and Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) have been combined for ease of use without swapping equipment.

This means the single scanner can be used in BFET mode for the detection of surface and subsurface cracking in plates and pipes, including the detection of cracking in welds. When used in LFET mode, for the detection of internal and external volumetric wall losses on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Fusion HT Pipe Scanner
Fusion HT Pipe Scanner

Combined with TesTex’s Triton Electronics and Software

Uses the BFET option for the detection of surface and subsurface cracks (including the detection of cracking in welds)

  • Uses the LFET option for the detection of I.D. & O.D. volumetric wall loss
  • Scanners can be made for both plates and piping
  • Inspects both ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Frequency & Temperature

  • Multi-channelled- probe array up to 8 individual channels
  • Works on a frequency range of 5Hz-30KHz
  • High temperature version capable of operating up to 1371°C

Additional Features

  • Unlike UT, requires no couplant – dry contact method
  • Minimum surface preparation is needed
  • Uniform paint/coating has no impact on flaw detection
  • High temperature scanners are available

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