Ultrasonic Inspection

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Ultrasonic Inspection

At TesTex we use ultrasonics predominately to measure the thickness of materials. Ultrasonics are used during most inspections and can be applied to almost every asset.

    We regularly use ultrasonics on the following:

  • Storage Tanks – The floor, shell, roof, sump, nozzles etc.
  • Pipelines – Typically each spool is tested at various points, with a priority given to bend pieces and other high risk areas.
  • Boiler Tubes – Each tube can be tested on each side at various locations along the tube to determine overall condition
  • Heat Exchangers – IRIS can be used to determine precise thickness values in ferrous tubing, and give wall loss percentages, distinguishing between I.D and O.D defects
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Stack tower & columns

Surface Preparation

Ultrasonic testing can be used through a variety of mediums, and although copes with surface conditions well compared to other techniques, there need to be a good contact between the transducer and the material being tested. A high amount of surface roughness can reduce the energy being transmitted resulting in a loss of received amplitude and reduction in detection capacity. Surface coatings such as thin foams are generally transparent to ultrasonics, however thick foams can cause a surface reflections, so should be removed prior to testing.

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Shear Wave Ultrasonics

We also provide Shear Wave Ultrasonics which can be used to look for weld defects below the surface, such as porosity, slag inclusions, lack of fusion, lack of penetration and cracking. Shear wave is often used an alternative to radiography.